About us




WHY – Because you are special and different!

Red Karpet discovers Spain for you, making it possible that the memories of your adventure with us, enriches your life as much as the journey itself.


HOW – We arrange highly personalized itineraries according to each client’s special interests and passions.

Our aim is to achieve an enthusiastic response and a sense of exclusivity and sophistication.


WHAT – Red Karpet has access to unique properties, activities, experiences and people that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our team and collaborators will be your most precious guides. We are here to connect and network and to spoil you as much as we can.


Just jump on our magic Red Karpet!


At Red Karpet we have our own way to transmit our clients that travel is more than merely taking a trip.
Our role is to become your trusted advisor through different stages for you to enjoy every step of the way.

  • Stage 1


    Unveil for us your vision for the perfect trip (special interests and expectations)

  • Stage 2

    Designing the experience

    We will customize a first proposal for you to review.

    After your feedback, we will design an itinerary perfectly tailored for you.

    A first deposit will be required in order to confirm the key services involved and you will receive an updated itinerary.

  • Stage 3


    We are ready to move forward. We will work on final details and once all reservations are finalized, the balance due will be charged. You will receive a confirmed and detailed itinerary with contact numbers, including our 24/7 emergency phone.

  • Stage 4


    After you return back home we would love to know all your comments about the trip.

    Please send us pictures!

  • Stage 5


    Prepare yourself for a fabulous trip. We will be “behind the scenes” at all times during your trip, making sure that all runs as planned.

I + I

Irina e Isabel tailor made every trip request and supervise every step of the process in order to design the perfect journey.
That touch of personalized attention is the key to the success of their business!



Irina was born in Caracas (Venezuela), and has then lived and studied in the United States for many years. She currently lives in Madrid and has a passion for Spain and its people. She founded her first business, a small traveling agency, at the age of 18. She now has a 15-year career within the Exclusive Travel field, accumulating all kind of experiences during her travels all around the world. She has been a Virtuoso Travel Agent for the last 8 years and she has also worked as an international representative for top models and celebrities. Read more


Isabel da Silva Ramos lives a cosmopolitan childhood and youth, achieving a deep knowledge of multiple cultures, languages and locations around the world where she has lived, assimilating their various idiosyncrasies as well as establishing an impressive network of friendly and professional contacts, all over the world.
After an extensive professional career in the world of Fashion and Interior Design Magazines, Isabel creates her own PR firm, ‘Mision Imposible’, specialized in luxury, fashion and decorative arts, since its creation 24 years ago. Read more