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06_Pagina_MADRID_AND_SURROUNDINGS_1280_05 The history of this great city is full of tales of romance and tragedy, mystery and intrigue, as it has survived the Spanish Inquisition, invasions, civil war, world wars and plagues among others. Madrid is a city of great monuments and among its highlights is the medieval center dating back to the Habsburg Empire, the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum.  The city is a lively metropolis with many pubs, cafes and nightclubs and the streets are always busy and Spaniards enjoy going out for “tapas” after work, market visits, shopping and spending time in their Central park, the Retiro Park.

Why you should go and what to expect with Red Karpet Travel?

Travelling with RK will give you special access to Museums, private collections, private homes, fashion exhibitions, prestigious stores, private receptions, parties and clubs as well as meeting the most interesting personalities of the Spanish society depending on the field of interest.  Could be a famous architect, the owner of a Museum, a renowned designer, a Michelin star chef, and a legendary bullfighter…


Near Madrid, we find Toledo, imperial capital of Spain and court of the Habsburg Emperor Charles V.  For centuries, its streets witnessed conquests and wars fought by Romans, Alans, Goths and Saracens.   RK will discover the hidden secrets and most incredible art pieces of this and other cities.  A short drive away from Madrid, in the Guadarrama National Park, we find some of the Unesco World Heritage Cities like El Escorial, Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez, Avila and Segovia.


In the valleys, mountains and rivers nearby we organize unusual experiences like bears, wild boars, wolves and roe deer watching, incredible “Spanish monteria” on a private reserve, hiking or horseback riding special tours and even sailing on a steamer boat. 06_Pagina_MADRID_AND_SURROUNDINGS_1280_09



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