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A land known for the richness and the quality of its wines, where climate and soil conditions have favoured the wine cultivation since antiquity.  Surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery, this area holds astonishing ancient and restored wine cellars using the latest technology in wine production mixed with medieval, Gothic and Romanesque towns.

Why you should go and what to expect with Red Karpet Travel?

07_Pagina_RIOJA_1280_05 In Haro you will find a modern designed and fully integrated city in the landscape and the tradition.  The medieval walled town of Laguardia is the central point of the La Rioja Alavesa and it still holds walls, ramparts, towers and fortified gateways. With RK you can explore this area in many ways.  We can arrange all levels of tastings, grape harvest, architectural visits, air balloon rides and walking and cycling routes among others.


For wine lovers and “refined palates” this destination embraces new flavors and traditions.  It is a perfect walk along history through wine. 07_Pagina_RIOJA_1280_09



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